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Fees for Futsal

10 years ago, a small number of custom-built indoor soccer stadiums were the only way to play the world game indoors. Fortunately though, the introduction of futsal to Australia made this no longer the case as futsal continues to grow throughout Melbourne. At Evolution futsal, we believe in a fair game, both on and off the court. To reflect this, our fees are charged per player, not per team. We believe that on the occasion when you just can't field a full team, you will be at a disadvantage on the court already, and we don't see the need to disadvantage your wallet as well. Please see below for our futsal fees, per player.


Match Fees

Juniors (U15) - $12 per player, per game

Seniors and U18 - $12 per player, per game

Mixed -  $12 per player, per game



All competitions - $20 per player who wishes to register for the team. Required to be paid by Round 3. Registration is required to be eligible to play in Finals. Not required for fill in players.

***Players playing in more than one team/division are required to pay an additional $5 to register for each additional team


Team Bond/Forfeit Fee (Equal to one 5 player team fee, incase of late/no notice forfeit):

Juniors - $60

Seniors - $60

Mixed - $60

*A Team Bond is required to be paid at the start of the season, and to be refunded or used to pay for your last match of the season, should no forfeit be registered for your team 


Fill in players

Fill in players must be paid for by the team. If playing with four players (or less) and you request the assistance of a "fill in", this player/s must be paid for by the team if the fill in player does not pay for themselves.